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Custom Lead Apron

Custom Lead Apron

The Lead Apron a Necessity to Some

One of the most unusual aprons is the one used by dental and medical practices and that is the lead apron. It is a very heavy apron that is applied just before they give you any dental x-rays. Of course it is necessary to wear such an apron as lead is impenetrable to forms of radiology therefore when you have one lying over your body whilst you are having your x-rays taken; you are not going to have any more of your body exposed to the potentially harmful radiation than is necessary.Do you want to learn more? Visit radiation aprons.

The lead apron is particularly important for pregnant women as it protects the unborn fetus from radiation also. Having said all of that, one must not be too alarmed as the amount of radiation from one x-ray would not be significant enough to cause too much of a problem but it is better to take precautions just in case, as the accumulation factor comes in. It is particularly poignant for dental nurses and the dentist to move out of the room whilst an x-ray is being taken as they are more at risk from taking multiple x-rays as a result of their daily activities.

As previously mentioned the lead apron is very heavy, is coated in plastic and is applied just before the x-ray is taken. Some years ago the lead apron would have been white or grey in color; however some modern lead aprons will sport a fashion print or child friendly design creating a less imposing effect on the patient. As radiation is a potential cause of many modern forms of cancer, it is highly advisable to make sure that you are offered a lead apron to wear whenever you need to have any x-rays taken. Lead aprons are self sacrificial as they cannot be kept for long periods of time because they absorb the radiation they are designed to protect the user from and therefore they are disposed of at frequent intervals.